No Credit Financing

Ciocca Subaru's No Credit Financing in Allentown, Pa


There are many people who cannot get traditional financing for a vehicle loan because of past credit problems. Getting a loan from a bank or a credit union without a credit history is nearly impossible. We know most times that banks won't deal with people with no credit. Let Ciocca Subaru in Allentown, PA 18104 help you out by getting you a great loan even if you have no credit history. Our finance department will do their best to get you a great loan on the car you want.

This is not buy here pay here and it is not a type of financing that gets people into old, broken cars that cost a fortune because of credit issues. This is a second chance to get the vehicle that they deserve at a price they can afford.

What Do I Need When Buying a Car?

Generally when you are purchasing a vehicle you will need to have items to prove your identity, income and residence. Some auto dealers may request more though. Here are some items you'll likely be asked to bring:

  • Most Recent Paystubs
    Your paystubs do two things: they prove your employment as well as provide your gross monthly income. If you receive a fixed income, you need to bring in at least 3 months worth of bank statements.
  • W-2 Forms
    This is another form to prove your income. You'll especially need to bring this if you are self-employed. You will also need 3 months of bank statements if self employed.
  • Proof of Address
    A current water or electric bill can be used to provide proof of your home address. Any bill sent to your home address will do as long as it has your name, date and address on it.
  • Valid Driver's License
    A driver's ID will further prove your identity as well as say that you are legally able to drive a car, truck or SUV.

Since every car buying experience is unique, it can be difficult to say what else you may be asked to bring in. However; it's best to be prepared instead of caught by surprise. Some other items that you may be asked to provide are:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Social Security Card
  • Car Title
  • Personal References

One of the most important things you should have ready to bring in is a down payment. While most dealers want at least 20%, we are able to work with in a low down payment, sometimes as low as $500.

Down payments help you bring down your monthly costs as well as show the dealer that you purchasing this vehicle in good faith.

When you have bad credit, this is a great tool and you're in the right place to find a loan for your car buying needs. Here at Ciocca Subaru we want to make sure our customers have a truly exceptional experience.