With all the amazing safety features provided on a Subaru, learning what and how they work can seem overwhelming. Our new series Eyesight Feature of the Month will provide you with an in depth understanding of the features on your Subaru! Check out our first feature here!

Since 2012, Subaru Eyesight Technology has helped drivers stay safer and more alert on the road. One of the newest Eyesight features, Eyesight Assist Monitor, flashes three indicator lights onto the base of the driver’s side windshield. A green, yellow, or red light will be displayed depending on the Eyesight warning or operation status.
On initial start up, the LED lights will flash to indicate Eyesight Assist Monitor readiness.  Now available on the Limited/Touring Ascent, Touring Outback, Touring Legacy, and Automatic WRX. We’ve broken it down to give you a better understanding. 


Red Indicators flashing simultaneously (4 Indicator):

  • Pre-collision Braking System, Obstacle Detection Warning, or Pre-Collision Throttle Management is operating.
  • Lane Centering Function canceled when no operation of steering wheel.
?Red Indicator flashes (one side):
  • Lane Centering is active and vehicle appears to depart the lane. The side the vehicle is leaving the lane flashes, while the opposite side illuminates. 
Yellow Indicator flashes (one side): 
  • Lane Departure is operating. The side the vehicle is leaving the lane flashes, while the opposite side illuminates. 
Yellow Indicators illuminate simultaneously:
  • Steering wheel operation could not be detected for extended period of time.
  • Lane Centering function was canceled automatically.
  • Lane Departure Prevention was canceled automatically.
Green Indicator illuminates:
  • Vehicle detected ahead while Adaptive Cruise Control is operating.
*information provided by Subaru Subesource

Explore the Eyesight Assist Monitor and more safety features in person. Schedule a test drive and find out what it's like in the driver's seat with these advanced Subaru safety features!
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