Explore the Unexplored with Subaru's X-MODE® System

The Subaru lineup was made to go off-road, thanks to the Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system standard to almost every model in the lineup. While many lineups offer a similar AWD system, you won't have it equipped standard, and most of those systems can't quite provide the same level of traction control every Subaru model can enjoy. However, an AWD doesn't always cut it when you take your adventure further down the road less traveled. Luckily, the Subaru lineup won't leave you hanging, thanks to the X-MODE® system.

The X-MODE® system provides additional off-road support, ensuring that you never get stuck in the mud when you're far from home. Many Subaru SUVs offer this feature, allowing you to explore the option that best suits your lifestyle. We're happy to show you the benefits of the X-MODE® feature and why outdoor enthusiasts will want a vehicle equipped with the versatile off-road convenience!

What is X-MODE®

A feature unique to Subaru vehicles, X-MODE® complements the Subaru Symmetrical full-time All-Wheel Drive system to help drivers go off-road easily. The system provides advanced all-road capability, combining rugged performance on uneven surfaces and inclines.

X-MODE® is standard on the Subaru Ascent and Outback models that equip the Lineartronic® CVT while incorporating Hill Descent Control to manage any situation you might find yourself in. The feature is also available for the Crosstrek and Forester models.

How Does X-Mode® Work?

With a push of the button located inside the Subaru SUV! X-MODE® controls your engine's output, transmission, AWD torque split, and braking system to prepare you for the stickiest of conditions while maintaining a rugged capability that will make you the talk of your adventurous friends. When the system is activated, you'll capitalize on the available traction and ensure surefootedness wherever you go. The system is ideal for situations like:

  • When climbing steep inclines by using lower gear ratios to generate extra power to the wheels with the most grip.
  • On slippery surfaces, the traction control system becomes more sensitive and significantly reduces the time needed for a given wheel to regain traction control. More power diverts from the wheels that are slipping and putting them towards those that can better capitalize on the traction available.
  • On steep declines with the help of Hill Descent Control. You'll maintain a constant speed without requiring brake pressure. The system reads the conditions and applies the brake pressure to each wheel independently.

Dual-Function X-MODE®

If you prefer added peace of mind when the mud starts to get deep, you'll want to have the Dual-Function X-MODE® feature. This feature is available on the following models and trims:

  • Crosstrek Sport
  • Forester Sport
  • Forester Wilderness
  • Forester Limited
  • Forester Touring
  • Outback Onyx Edition XT
  • Outback Wilderness (comes standard with advanced dual-function X-MODE®
  • With this version of X-MODE®, you'll get superior traction control through unfavorable conditions. This advanced feature offers Subaru models settings for Snow/Dirt and Deep Snow/Mud. While some AWD systems will leave you stuck in the mud, you won't have to worry about that issue when you make use of the dual-function X-MODE® feature!

    Explore the Capability at Ciocca Subaru

    When it comes to getting you out of sticky situations, the X-MODE® feature is a Subaru-unique option that you won't want to miss. Thankfully, most Subaru SUVs equipped with the CVT won't lack this impressive feature.

    If you're looking to get a first-hand look at our new Subaru inventory, we encourage you to swing by Ciocca Subaru today. We'll show you what the Subaru X-MODE® can do and why you might want it for your next camping trip! Don't get stuck - get out with Subaru's X-MODE® feature!